Talkit is the first and by far the only Mandarin articulation therapy application tool created by two registered Speech-Language Pathologists. It has a total of 25 decks of consonantal sounds in Mandarin. Each sound deck has 20 beautifully illustrated child-friendly pictures with the target sound in Mandarin.

Each deck has its own unique Talkit Monster, which serves as a great way to stimulate language and also to target the speech sound at the word, phrase, and sentence levels. This application aims to help children with speech delays or disorders learn to articulate words in Mandarin more clearly with the help of a Speech-Language Pathologist, parent, teacher, or speech assistant.

English-speaking Speech-Language Pathologists working with Chinese-English bilingual children with speech difficulties can also easily navigate through this application with its translated features. This application allows the facilitator to collect data and track progress with the click of a button!

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